Relocating to another country is not only a big decision but it can also be tricky
Thus, we do our best to provide you with an easy and convenient relocation package
Relocation package:
Airplane tickets for the employee and family members.
Pick-up from the airport and transfer to Limassol.
Accommodation in a hotel / corporate apartment until we find you a suitable long-term house to rent.
We assist you throughout all the steps to find and sign the contract for your new home.

Reimbursement of visa and other expenses for the preparation and execution of documents.
Registration of a work visa and employment under the laws of Cyprus and the EU.
Registration of visas for dependent family members.

High-level health insurance.
Financial Support Program.
Relocation team
Meet our relocation team that will help you throughout the whole process!
Office Manager
Sveta will provide you with all the documents that you need to fill and she will guide you through on how to get everything right.
Head of HR/Recruiting
Dasha will explain to you how our company works and will give detailed information in regards to our projects/teams. She will also go through our current employees' lifestyle in Cyprus.
Milya will guide you personally on everything you need to know about Cyprus. She also runs our company's blog Ortnec youtube and personal helpful Milya's Blog where you can find out a valid information about life in Cyprus.
Since 2013, our company has been growing rapidly. We became experts on relocating employees, no matter the country.
6 + years
6th year of relocating our employees
160 + people
This is the figure of our relocated employees since 2013.
7 + countries
We have international team. Our company knows no borders.
Anyone who faces relocation, asks similar questions and feels some emotional experiences. We share first-hand reliable information about the island and sunny Limassol.
Here are some comments from our relocated employees:
Still not sure? Learn more about Cyprus
Atmosphere, Lifestyle
In Limassol, as well as on the whole island - a relax-paced atmosphere (σιγά-σιγά) prevails.
Even though Cyprus is considered to be an island that is mainly active in the summertime, Limassol is active all year round with events and a nightlife that will amaze you!
The summer season in Cyprus lasts from April almost up to November. Get refreshed with the fresh breeze that covers the island all year long. Crystal clear sea and perfect weather make Cyprus the perfect place for any type of sports. Due to Cyprus' size everything is nearby! Mountains, other cities and other villages are within reach in an hour's drive!

Limassol is one of the cities of Cyprus with the most Russian-speaking Resorts. There's no need for you to speak Greek as all of the locals speak fairly good English!
The locals are extremely friendly. Don't be surprised if your neighbors invite for a Sunday barbeque to welcome you to Cyprus!
More about Limassol
Cyprus is a small island that produces its own goods. You will realize that the quality of food is outstanding as it is always fresh and clean! Anything from fruits, fish and vegetables are of the best quality. The top of it all is that on Saturdays and Sundays you can find the local markets operating with fresh products at low prices.
Cozy taverns and cafes are all around the lovely island of Cyprus. Be careful though, the food portions are much bigger than the ones you were used to!
Where To Eat
Cyprus and Europe in general are fundamentally different in many aspects of life but particularly in terms of safety. The island rates in the top 25 safest places to live in the whole world! The crime rates here are extremely low.
Police officers in Cyprus are all around and will provide you with helpful information and safety.
Cyprus is the kind of place that people leave their car unattended with the engine running!

Life in Cyprus couldn't be safer and more comfortable.

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About kids. Schools and Kindergartens
Cyprus is the place where you can raise your children with a proper quality of living. Being a family-oriented country, recreational activities for children might be even more than for adults.

Schools with the English education system, with native English speakers for teachers and tutors. Schools with any type of system that you wish to educate your children with. Russian, Greek and English are just some of the types of schools that exist in Cyprus. Your children can easily enrol to any of the schools in Cyprus, at any age and adjust to the island vibes in no time!

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